1847 Orange Riot Addenda


The Woodstock Orange Lodge, at the corner of Victoria and Boyne Streets, was demolished circa 1996. At that time, it was reputed to be the oldest Orange Lodge building in the Province of New Brunswick.

Rioters charged with riot and assault, Carleton County Court House, Upper Woodstock, September 1847:—

Brougham, Patrick
Brown, William
Buckley, John
Burke, Patrick
Burke, Thomas
Burns, James
Burns, Michael
Caldwell, Charles
Caldwell, Edley
Cassidy, James
Cassidy, Patrick
Coil, Hugh
Collins, Timothy
Cox, Hugh
Crane, Matthew
Craven, John
Crowley, Patrick
Cunningham, Charles
Dongan, John
Donovan, John
Dougherty, Bernard
Doyle, John
Duffy, James
Early, Francis
Ferry, Patrick
Finn, Patrick
Finnagan, James
Finnagan, Owen Jr.
Finnagan, Owen Sr.
Finnagan, Patrick
Ford, Barnard
Ford, John
Fowle, John
Gallagher, Hugh (absent)
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, John
Gilvery, John
Glynn, Peter
Holland, John
Insley, James
Keans, Patrick
Keaton, James
Keaton, Patrick
Keefe, William
Kelly, John
Kelly, Michael Jr.
Kelly, Owen
Kelly, Patrick
Kennedy, Michael
Kirlin, Patrick
Kirwin, Thomas
Lang, Joseph
Long, James
Lyons, Martin
Madrigan, John
Mahon, John
Mahony, Cornelus
Mahony, Edward
Mahony, Michael
Marquee, Matthew
McAloon, Peter
McCabe, Michael
McCafferty, James
McCallum, Patrick
McCann, James
McCarthy, John
McDermott, James
McDermott, Neil
McDonald, Ronald
McDonaugh, George
McDonaugh, John
McFague, Francis
McGinley, Charles
Monaghan, Patrick
Mooney, John
Mulherin, James
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
O'Flaherty, Peter
O'Leary, John
Quigg, John
Rice, John
Ring, John
Russell, John
Shannon, John
Timmory, Patrick
Walsh, Michael
Whalen, Patrick

James McCann, at least, was pardoned on 28 February, 1849, and released from the New Brunswick Penitentiary.